Wrapped Serrations

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Trigger Upgrade + $185.00 (required)
Sight Upgrade + $100.00 (required)
Optic Plate + $25.00 (required)

Are you the shooter that demands functionality in your pistol but has little or no interest in vanity?

The Wrapped Serrations slide cuts are exactly what you have asked for.  Pure Function, No Vanity.

Join the #boomsquad and order your pistol upgrade package today!

After you place your order, please follow the below instructions:

1.  Print your sales receipt and ensure it contains all the following:  Full Name, Return Address, Email, Phone Number.

2.  Safely remove your slide from the frame - you will keep your frame unless you are getting a new trigger or frame work.

3.  Remove the barrel, recoil spring - you will keep these  

4.  Place your slide in a box along with your printed sales receipt.

5.  Send your slide to the following address:

WieBad / CHPWS

1080 Commerce Dr

Bldg #1

Labelle FL 33935


When we receive your slide, we will call you to review your order and give you an estimated completion date.  


Current lead time is 1.5 to 3 weeks

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